What Makes A Good Outdoor Toy?

The safety of your kid should come first when buying outdoor toys. There is no denying that kids love playing outdoors and the freedom that come with being outside, and as a parent you want what makes your kid happy. The activity can be more enjoyable if you buy the right toys; toys that are not only safe but durable. Check out the following tips on what makes the best outdoor toy for your kid.

Tips for choosing outdoor toys

Consider the safety of your kid. Is the toy made of safe materials? Is it appropriate for your kid's age? What is the safety history of the manufacturer? These are just some of the questions you should ask yourself when purchasing outdoor toys for your kid. The best toys are ones that do not have rough edges and make sure it is of the right height also.

Choose age appropriate toys. Most parents are not aware that there are different toys for kids of different age. If your kid is below one year, you may want to buy toys that do not have hanging items because the kid can choke on them. In addition, buy just a few toys because the kid will soon outgrow them. For kids of 2 years and above, buy durable toys so you do not have to replace them after a few months. Swings, for instance, are a good option since you can replace the seat as the child matures.

Another thing you should consider when shopping for outdoor toys is the space available in your compound. If you have a small space, you should consider buying portable outdoor toys that can be stored in the garage after uses. On the other hand, those with a big garden can buy fixed sets that the child can play with for many years to come. Be sure to mix them so that you have those for young toddlers and one that the kid can play with when he or she is 4 years and above.

Consider your kid's interest when buying outdoor toys. While buying a swing might sound like a perfect idea, it is important to realize that not all kids love swinging. If your kid one of them you may be wasting your money. Ask your kid to accompany you if he is old enough so he can help you in your selection.

Mix small toys and big toys. This is something most parents tend to ignore because they think that outdoor toys should contain swings and sliding sets. Your kid is going to love it if you include balls, riding toys, hula hoops and buckets.

Finally, look for durable toys. The kid might want to throw the toys around and thus make sure they are strong enough. The toys should also be light in weight so the kid does not have to struggle when carrying them.

As you can see, there are many factors one needs to consider when buying toys for their kids. Outdoor toys should be durable, safe to use, light weight, age appropriate among other things.


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