Get Children Outdoors and Active!

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Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo - if you have children chances are you have one or more of these systems in your home at the moment, in addition to cell phones, home computers, and the television. Basketball, tennis racquet, baseball, pool - do you have any of these items as well? Which item is receiving more daily use by your children? If you name any of the gaming systems or another electronic, it's time you made a change in your household.

It comes as no surprise, and it has been stated in abundance, but the fact remains that our obesity rate has reached an all-time high and is steadily rising. But, did you know that a large percentage of our obesity rate now stems from children? Did you know the obesity rate for children almost surpasses that of adults? Did you know that children are now predicted to have a lower life expectancy than adults? Maybe it is time to get children off the couch, dust off the old toys sitting in the garage, and get outside!

If you need more motivation, here are some convincing reasons why outdoor activities and toys should be your first choice for you children.

Outdoor toys can be fun! A very different kind of fun than video games, of course. But, before you rule out these toys and label them as a loss, think of this: Many video games depict real life situations. Use this to your advantage. Children can reenact some of their favorite video games. For example, there are a wide variety of outdoor car available for children, perfect for performing a real life versions of racing. Just be sure to take safety precautions before doing so. Reenact a popular football or baseball video game by pretending to be your favorite teams and playing.

Is your child sluggish? Just being outdoors is great for children. The fresh air, sunlight, and activity is sure to give your child much needed energy and exercise. Children that come home from school and immediately plop down on the couch will develop a sedentary lifestyle that will carry over into adulthood. Nip this in the bud now before it's too late.

Parents can take advantage of being outdoors with their children, and turn a day in the park into a great family bonding experience. By being involved with their children, parents are reinforcing family morals. These are the memories children will carry with them and hold dear. Wouldn't you prefer your child carry forward fun memories instead of a sedentary lifestyle?

So, get active, get involved, and overall just have a great time with your family. If parents take action now, we can turn this rise in obesity for children around, giving them back their health and life. It will be difficult, but remember to take it one day at a time, and you will be on your way to making a difference.


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