Why Kids Should Play Outside

Nowadays, it seems to be like a foreign concept for kids to play outside. Up until around 15 years ago, it was a given that after school, on the weekend, and during school holidays, playing outside is something that all children participated in. But with the advent of personal computers in the home, and with more advanced video games, children found that there was no reason to go outside anymore. Add to this parental concerns about child safety, and now there is a generation of children who suffer from obesity more now than ever in history. There are also children who have poor social and interactive skills. These children who stayed indoors 15 or so years ago are a part of our young work force now. They have poor reasoning skills, poor people skills, and they lack the ability to recognize professional and personal boundaries.

All of these are reasons why children should play outside. First and foremost, playing outside forces children to burn off extra energy and fat. Most children are full of energy, and when they sit in school all day, they build up tension and aggression. Playing outside allows them to have a release for their built up energy, stress, and tension. This way, they will be more relaxed at home, and in class. They will be able to sleep better at night also. Children need an outlet to express their energy that builds up. Parents have outgrown that stage, so they tend to forget that if children can't express or release their energy, they will become frustrated, combative, and develop insomnia.

This leads to another reason why kids should play outside. Kids need to burn off the energy that they develop from eating so much and or eating the wrong types of food products. Growing boys are constantly hungry, and they will eat the most food, and they like to drink lots of fatty, sugary drinks. When they participate in outdoor activities, they get the opportunity to burn off the chemicals that make them prone to behaving hyperactive. Not only this, but fat doesn't get the opportunity to store up in their bodies. Girls are also big snackers. On top of this, they like to talk on the phone, watch TV, and chat with other girls on the computer. Girls need to go outside, so that they don't develop issues with obesity. While no parent needs to encourage little girls to diet, they do need to keep a close eye on excessive fat development on their girls and boys.

The final reason why kids should play outside, is because kids learn valuable social skills when they play outside with others. There are certain social and life skills that can't be learned on a video game, or behind a computer screen. These lessons can only take place when kids are interacting with each other, playing games, and meeting new people. Kids learn concepts such as tolerance and acceptance. They also get the opportunity to practice manners. While video games, television shows, and computers are wonderful tools, they were never meant to replace human interactions. Again, there are certain skill sets and life lessons that can only come with interacting and developing with other children and people.


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